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Sale!!!!! Now until Janurary 14th, 2014!!!
come in now and see our specials!!!
Deli meats- discount between 10-15%
Smoked fish-up to 10% off
assorted chocolate candy-all 10% off

Smoked Polish Sausage $8.99
Kefir $3.50
Farmer Cheese $6.99
Baby Bologna $6.99 lb
Nectar Juice $3.99
All Israeli Jam $6.99
Candy and Chocolate $7.99 lb

10% off all gifts in the store

Gifts Available

We take special pride in creating the perfect gift baskets for your special occasion. Let us know what the Celebration is and we will create the perfect basket!

See our Menu for dining in or take out.

Buy One Get One Half Off on Wednesday